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Contact Us

You may reach our office at 770-521-2295 Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm.

How do I correct information in my record?

You may call the office or submit a correction here.

How do edit my portal account settings??

Click Here to make changes to your portal account.

How do I cancel my portal account?

You may call the office to cancel your portal account.

How do I get a Portal Registration Letter?

You can obtain a Portal Registration Letter from our office during your visit or by phone at 770-521-2295. You will use the Portal Registration Letter to do a ONE TIME activation of your AWHG patient portal account. Please discard and destroy the letter to protect your personal health information.         

I forgot my Email Address or User ID.

You will need to call the office to obtain this information.

During account creation, I get a message that my email address is already in use.

If you are receiving this message, there is already an account with that email address. Use the email address and password to log into your AWHG patient portal account.

What if I have forgotten my password?

You may use the I FORGOT MY PASSWORD link below the Login box to answer the HINT QUESTIONS in order to reset your password.

AWHG Staff DOES NOT have access to your password.

AWHG Staff will NEVER ask you for your password.

I get an error when submitting the information given on my Portal Registration Letter.

The information being provided does not match our records, please check the following:
The Portal Registration Letter is not older than 30 days. If so, you will need to obtain another one from our office.  Be sure to enter your temporary password exactly as it appears on the letter.

If you believe that you are entering exactly what is on the Portal Registration Letter and are still not able to activate your account, please call our office at 770-521-2295.

I don't see my question.

Don't see your question below? Call our office at 770-521-2295 for help.